Sunday, February 23, 2014


 Two days ago, my grandma passed on from this life into the next. She was a good woman. Loved her friends and family well. Always concerned about others. Selfless. Would cry at any mention of her late husband, my grandpa. Truly loved and admired him with a rare, simple love.

At Christmas, I had the opportunity to spend good time with her. Knowing that it would be the last time I saw her in person, I went exploring through all the drawers and cabinets of the house, looking for pictures or other treasures that might help me gain a fuller picture of her life. I was delighted to find black and white photos, snapshots of her childhood, of falling in love, of having kids. I was honored to ask her about the photos and hear her stories. I was privileged to prepare lunches for her on multiple occasions, knowing how many things she had done for me growing up. She was impressed that I memorized her vitamin regimen and would bring them out with her food. Wasn’t that hard, but made me feel good anyway. And that’s what she always did. Made us feel good. Got excited about the smallest details of our lives. Made us feel like what we did and who we were was important.

I was honored to help her walk, sit down, go to the chiropractor, get her food or drink, even take her to the bathroom on occasion. Privacy goes out the door as death approaches. The normal formalities and facades are ignored as you walk with someone at the end of the path, and it seems that a rawness, a realness of life is the reality. Every slow step. Every breathe. Every heartbeat is something to behold!
I’m proud of my grandma for running the race and finishing it well. And I’m proud of my mom and dad and sister for being with her every step of the way, even at the final hour.

Grandma, you are loved and will be truly missed. Thanks for your generous, selfless, joyful self. I hope I somehow inherit those qualities. Today, I honor and celebrate your beautiful life. Miss you already.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life in Cleveland

Summer has been filled with lots of growth. Personal growth, well, that's questionable! But there's no doubt we've been a part of growing the most food we ever have before. From helping neighbors grow food, to helping at our community garden, to working in our own backyard, to going to my job everyday, we've seen the miracle of food up close and personal.
Lynea just started her new job teaching 3 year olds at a school that's just right down the road from us. We're happy to both be able to walk to work.

Then: The first day we planted with the youth at our community garden.

Now: The garden is thriving now!

This was just a normal day of harvesting at the community garden: varieties of lettuce, tons of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, and herbs.

Harvesting rainbow carrots at my job site, the city farm.

Purple beauty sweet peppers!
Lynea recently surprised me with a trip to West Virginia for Labor Day weekend. We went rock climbing and white water rafting 


We repelled off this cliff. Our guide was telling Lynea to "please back up!"

A little nap at this view.

Our rafting partners.
Another harvest.

Our backyard chickens getting some free range time.
We've been getting 2 eggs a day!

Potato harvest at work.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Here's a few things we've been up to lately:

Weekend with friends at a cabin in the woods.

It was the same place we went to on our honeymoon, only this time I had a toupee.

Wild Chanterelle mushrooms (and a chicken of the woods)! It was gratifying to go by the store afterwards and see them being sold for $12/pound.

Chanterelle and egg breakfast
Blueberry pickin' with Lynea's dad.

 I know I look funny, but the mosquitoes were that bad!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Harvesting Garlic

We harvested about 8,000 garlic last week at my job.


“My final, considered judgment is that the hardy bulb [garlic] blesses and ennobles everything it touches - with the possible exception of ice cream and pie.”
Angelo Pellegrini, 'The Unprejudiced Palate' (1948)

Saturday, July 6, 2013